[Free Game] [Expires 20th January] Galactic Civilizations III


Galactic Civilizations III is free to own forever.
As long as you claim a copy before the 20th January at 16:00 UTC.

Game Description:

What if one day, humans woke up to find that they weren’t alone in the galaxy? They make their way into space and discover other alien civilizations with their own histories and motivations looking to make a name for themselves. Choose your race - Human, Drengin, Altarian, and so many more - and lead your civilization into a golden age in one of the largest 4X strategy games ever made!

Research new technology, design starships, and colonize new worlds as you face threats and conquer challenges from new and mysterious sources. Negotiate trade and treaties, wage wars, spy on your enemies, and promote outstanding citizens. And when you’ve finished that, play again as one of the many included alien civilizations each with its own history, technology tree, ship components, and more.

This game has been given free before. You may already have it if you follow posts here.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Just wanted to say THANK YOU for keeping this subforum alive! You’ve helped me build a small game collection that, hopefully, I’ll get to play through one day.
You are a wonderful human being!


^ amen to that!

Thank you, Ravenfyre. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the kind words. You’re most welcome indeed! Build that collection up! :joy:

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ay man thanks for the heads up ^^