[Free Game] [Unclear Expiry] Meadow

Hey fellow gamers!

A game called Meadow is being given away free by its developers via Steam keys.
The expiry date is not clear.

Other gifts will also be handed out over time via email.

Game Description:

Heaven is a place called Meadow! Vast, teeming with life, and a unique social experience. Frolic freely in the lush fields of Meadow - a unique multiplayer sandbox.

Unlike traditional titles from the Shelter franchise, in Meadow the more time spent embracing the gameplay features in the world, the more you receive. Owning any previous Shelter related title(s) or products will also unlock in-game content. The open landscape also provides ample room for exploration with new patches and additions promised.

Band together with other animals, form uneasy allies or choose to explore alone. Whatever you decide, the open park life is one you will want to immerse yourself in.

(More information about the game here: Meadow on Steam).

To get a free copy of this game:

  1. Go to the developer’s official website here: https://shelter.mightanddelight.com/.

  2. Subscribe to their newsletter by entering your email address and clicking the “join the herd” button.

  3. Open your email client, wait for a mail from the developers and confirm your newsletter registration.


  • Your Steam key will be sent to your email within a few days. Not instantly.
    I assume this is so they can work out how many keys exactly to make when the giveaway is over.

  • If you stay subscribed to the newsletter after getting your key, you will periodically get other gifts in emails from time to time.
    No clue what these will be, but probably in-game content (ie, cosmetics).

  • Because this is an online game there will never be a trainer made for it.

  • Steam keys can be redeemed via the Steam launcher. Or here: Sign In.

Enjoy. :slight_smile:

When trying to signup, the verification email shows this:

Due to recent attacks, we have been pause the send outs with Meadow Keys for new signups.
We are very sorry and apologize for that – it’s nothing we’re happy we’ve had to do.
We are working on the problem, but our developers are currently spending all their time on making Shelter 3 as good as possible before the release on March 30, so unfortunately we have very few resources to solve the mailing list’s attacks. We apologize once again, but hope you understand.
/Might And Delight Team

Probably explains why the developers also said the key distribution is going to take a few days rather than instantly. One of several examples below. :slight_smile:

You can still confirm your subscription in the same email.


be on the lookout, or maybe check your spam. just my key in the mail today.