[Free Game] [Unknow Expiry] Contract With The Devil

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Contract With The Devil

The unknown sends you a letter and invites to his house, promising to tell something very important about your daughter. But during the dinner with the owner of the mansion, the terrible thing occurred: as soon as you threw off the blanket from antique mirror, a mysterious evil force stole your only daughter Lisa! Right before your eyes, she disappeared inside a large mirror without a trace, and the only witness of these strange events who could shed the light - disappeared. Return 7 vices back to the Vault in order to help Sonya to save yourself and her daughter. Use the tips of a bogy Brownie - it will become your faithful assistant in this dangerous journey full of mysticism.

Exciting tasks, unusual riddles, lots of logic puzzles, search of items and important artifacts are waiting for you. And also, the journey through the looking glass and a visit of the past.

Discover the sinister family secret and throw out a challenge to the power of evil! But be careful, the closer you are toward the goal, the more someone dislikes it much.


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