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[Free Games] [Expired] Quake & Quake II + Random other stuff. Quakecon 2020 Stream

Hey there!

Between the 7th August at 12pm ET and August 9 at 11pm ET, Bethesda is giving away Quake for free to everyone who tunes into their Quakecon stream at any time on these dates.

  • The stream will be held on Twitch.
  • The link for the stream will be/is:
  • If the stream receives $10,000 USD in charitable donations, they will also give away Quake II for free.
  • Other freebies may be available, such as pets for Elder Scrolls Online.

How do I get the free game(s)?

Simply log into your Bethesda account via Bethesda Launcher during the stream and add the game to your library, which should be free.

Further Information & Handy Links: