[Free Games] [Expires 7th July] Three games - Geneforge 1: Mutagen, Hood: Outlaws & Legends, & Iratus: Lord of the Dead

Hello gamers!

There are three free games free via Epic Games this week.

These are free to keep forever, as long as you claim your copies before 7th July at 3pm UTC.

(Game 1 of 3)
Geneforge 1: Mutagen.

Geneforge 1 – Mutagen is a unique, truly open-ended fantasy adventure in a strange, new world. You are one of the Shapers, wizards with the awesome power to create life. Want a tool, a trap, an army? You summon it into existence. You create mighty beasts, and they totally obey you. Usually.

Click here to get Geneforge 1: Mutagen for free.

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Hood: Outlaws & Legends

We are all Outlaws… but some of us will become Legends.
Faced with a merciless, unchecked state, rebels and rogues battle to claim their place among legends. To win influence with an oppressed people, rival gangs compete in daring heists to hit the wealthy where it hurts. Folk hero or gold-hungry outlaw, only the best will escape with hard-earned riches.

Click here to get Hood: Outlaws & Legends for free.

(Game 3 of 3)
Iratus: Lord of the Dead

In Iratus you find yourself fighting for the forces of darkness in the role of the titular necromancer—Iratus, recently freed from his millennia-long imprisonment.
You control an obedient army of the living dead, with skeletons, zombies, banshees and many other unliving warriors. Create your soldiers the only way a necromancer knows how: from the body parts of your slain enemies!

Click here to get Iratus: Lord of the Dead for free.

Have fun! :smiley:

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