[Free Games] Prehistoric Businessman & Flowers For Mommy

Two (admittedly pretty terrible and usually overpriced) games are available for free via Windows Store.

Prehistoric Business Man

Become the most successful monopolist in a new additive economic game Prehistoric Business Man! Enjoy the rules of the classic and most favorite board game at the screen of your device. Have fun in a wild and fierce setting – now you can build your own entertainment cave or stone hammer manufacture cave and show every troglodyte what means ‘magnate’! Become a living legend and make every tribe speak about you with a great respect.

Click here to get this way overpriced game, Prehistoric Business Man, free via Windows Store.
Original (laughable) price is £77.41 GBP (~$92.49 USD).

Flowers for Mommy HD

Everyone loves his or her mother because she is the dearest person in life of every person. Mother always takes care of a child and usually we take it for granted… Just pay attention to your mommy, give her a bouquet of flowers!

Click here to get this way overpriced game, Flowers For Mommy, for free via Windows Store
Original (laughable) price is £81.99 GBP (~$97.99 USD).

Both freebies expire in three days from this post.
Sorry, I know they’re terrible. But at least they’re free, eh?