Free games, some dlc n more

—free with a oman gamertag—

free full games
Injustice: Gods Among Us (may or may not work) need to do a similar method to arcania) :anguished:
DARK. -test downloading 100% work.
The Testament of Sherlock Homes (PAL consoles only) -test downloading 100% work.

free arcades
Flashback. -test downloading 100% work.
Mars: War Logs. -test downloading 100% work.
CAPSIZED. -test downloading 100% work.
WRC Powerslide. -test downloading 100% work.
Bloodforge. -test downloading 100% work.
Diabolical Pitch.
Dragon’s Lair.
Dungeon Fighter LIVE: Fall Of Hendon Myre. -test downloading 100% work.
Unbound Saga.
Sonic Adventure.

free DLCs
Tropico 4 dlc-Tropico 4-Voodoo.
Saints Row IV Season Pass and dlc-Executive Privilege Pack. -test downloading 100% work.
Metro: Last Night dlc-The Faction Pack.
Injustice .dlc-Man of Steel. -test downloading 100% work.
Painkiller Hell & Damnation dlc-Full Metal Rocket, Clock Strikes Meat Night, Medieval Horror.
Dragon Age: Origins dlc-Return to Ostagar.
Mass Effect 2 dlc-Blood Dragon Armor. -test downloading 100% work.

free gamerpics
GTA V picture pack. -test downloading 100% work.
Minecraft -mobs in suits 1,2,3.
burial ground zombie picture pack 1. -test downloading 100% work.
anne stokes picture pack 1. -test downloading 100% work.

free themes - go on search type “theme”

free avatars
GTA V -scuba outfit, gta v t-shirt, chop, abseiling outfit, bugstar outfit, parachute prop.
-test downloading 100% work.
diabolo III -free avatars -test downloading 100% work.
thief -free avatars -test downloading 100% work.
disney infinity -free avatars -test downloading 100% work.

how to get oman acc
step 1- create oman email at sign up site link-

step 2- when done create oman email then go on homepage sign in with oman email create gamertag n when say where u live pick oman.

step 3- when create gamertag done now go on your xbox 360 download profile oman gamertag.

step 4- sign out oman gamertag now click game marketplace now hold sign in with your oman gamertag click any game like A-Z find free games list. n or press Y search type games name.

step 5- download games :smile: :thumbsup:

last time i try create morocco acc n download lot free arcade games all rest fail download 100% dnt work… only full game injustice work for me.

pls let me know if game dnt work for u. post on there…

im deaf gamer :smile:.

There is already a thread on this. :stuck_out_tongue: Remember to use the search tool! Btw, most of the games are patched… or all of them by now. O.o

But yeah, it’s not the Morroco region this time. It’s “Oman” or something. Don’t know if it works though!
Good luck.

Dark, Sherlock some dlc and an arcade game called wrc power slide should still work. I’m downloading them right now

i downloading some free games on list n it work… morocco dnt fk work!

yea i know but morocco acc thread post abt free injustice n arcades before but all arcade games dnt work now then injustice too for some ppl. on that thread abt oman marketplace i add miss games to on list. and all arcade games i downloaded it work fine.

nice :smile:

I can confirm DARK works so far! Injustice did not work though.

EDIT: I just watched a review on this game… It looks horrible. Download canceled.

thx for post abt injustice dnt work. damn. im downloading DARK n The Testament of Sherlock Holmes right now :smiley:

Alright, quick guide how to downloadArcaniAbefore I go to sleep

1. Set you Locale to: Austria on your XBOX[details=Open Me]

[/details]2. Log out of your Account[size=20]3. Click on the tile with the 2 cars on the Dashboard[b][/size]

Open Me

  1. Press RB and go to [Action][/b]
    [details=Open Me][/details][size=20]
  2. On this screen press the Guide Button and log on your Oman Profile[/size][/b][details=Open Me][/details]5. Click on ArcaniA, download the Game for Free!

That works :smile:

does arcania suck??? i’m not downloading dark bc it looks like crap

also, for the DLC does your console region have to be something else other than U.S. or wherever we are from? cuz only the gamertag i made and email have the oman region or w/e

EDIT: just tried to do Arcania and it keeps telling me “Can’t download Arcania” and stops the download

i dont know what i did but i used the oman account like the op said and now injustice is downloading.
EDIT: I’M currently playing injustice!!!

You’re right!

surivivirusx or
Jamello you need to hurry and add this to your OP!

I changed my locale to Austria and signed out of my omen account completely.

Navigate to the ‘Startseite’ tab. than select the ‘Ausverkauf läuft’ Panel.

Hover over 30% off Injustice: Gods among us panel; sign into your oman account.

Once signed in, select injustice and begin your download! Hurry before it gets patched.

Has anyone gotten the Injustice DLC’s to work.
Or any of the dlcs, gamer pics and avatar costumes?
I always get the error message for anything else.

I would try this but I don’t want to get banned for Marketplace Theft.

Oh wow… I didn’t know that they could ban you for this. How likely is that to happen? Maybe I should stop.

I really don’t know the odds of a ban or anything like that, but I know it’s possible. It’s not our region and they can easily tell that people just made those accounts to take advantage of the exploit. That’s why I’m not attempting it… Marketplace theft is a permanent ban.

Found this from another forums via goolging “marketplace theft”

I have been banned for alleged “Marketplace Theft”. In an email from the XBLPET (Xbox Live Policy Enforcement Team) this “Marketplace Theft” is listed as one of these three things:

  • Duplication of item purchase history
  • Attempted Microsoft Points fraud
  • Illegitimate acquisition of redemption codes

Based on my reading and interpretation skills, we’re not duplicating items of purchase history, we’re not attempting microsoft points fraud, we’re not using redemption codes.
You should be good…

I still don’t feel safe doing this. It’s an exploit to get free games, Microsoft won’t take kindly to it.

Has anyone else got injustice to work?? I just tried it and it says $41.99… I think they fixed it

EDIT: What is an oman gamertag/ account? Can anyone tell me how to make one?