Free in game currencies

I`ve had this question for a long time.
I have tried the wemod app for a while and tried it on several games for example in Assassins Creed Odyssey where you have to achieve a certain level to be able to do a quest. But i always had this question… What about the currency inside the game? If there is an option to have unlimited money or to choose the desired amount of money that i want in the game, is it okay to use ? Because in games like AC Odyssey, AC Unity or AC Origins you have too options… Either you buy “Helix points” that you have to buy with real money or you win the free currency just by playing the game. If you cracked the game i know there is no problem but, if i have the original game, will i have a problem? If someone can clarify me i would appreciate it. Thanks

Hello and Welcome to WeMod.

I just tested it for Assassion’s Creed Odyssey and there is a unlimited money (gold called in the trainer).
You can see all the cheats here .

It’s under “Resource picker” when you have a launched game on.

Thoght you did mention a cracked version, WeMod Does NOT support cracked version nor any multiplayer elimelts.

Well first we dont support cracked games so thats out the window
Second these trainers are made for singleplayer use only most or some currency is for online use like orichalcum I think I spelled that correct. So if you use them for singleplayer then you should have no problems