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Totally Trav’s FREE Megaupload Account
Updated 1/2/12


Account Info
Username - TravsAccount4U
Password - totallytrav[/size]

I was wondering…tried to use it last night and it was a no go.

Yay I meet 4/5 of the requirements, I might PM you if I need this. Thanks :smile:

Yeah sorry about that. I got scared when a TON of 5 post people came to my thread… Turns out I was right to be scared. Well let me know if you ever want to use it again.

I’m sorry that happened but go ahead and send me the details if your never gonna change them, I’m gonna throw them in Jdownloader in case I need FS

I have 4/5 of the requirements, message sent.

Thanks :smiley:

If you have to have diamond, why post it in General Discussion? Post it in Diamond Discussion.
Didn’t read through thoroughly sorry.

OP is very informative sir

Also PM’ed :thumbsup:

Thanks Trav! :thumbsup: I met the requirements.

I fixed the OP to outline some things I will be doing and also made it so it’s not only by PM. I don’t want a full inbox lol

Yep i realized this hence the strike through. Thanks for letting us use it! I don’t need it though :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to use it.

I am going to work now so I won’t be back until around 10:30 (7 hours)
Make sure you read what my current status is before you freak out about me not replying. It’s the bolded one

Can I have it please?

That is pretty harsh just saying, i do not meet any of those requirements but that does not mean I am not trusted :/.

Harsh? Barely… My last account was stolen within a day or two. This is not harsh. I don’t want to reward every member for just being a part of the site. I want to reward those loyal ones that have been either paying the devs or contributing to the forums for about a year now. They are the ones that deserve it.

OP EDIT: I also updated the thread so you can not ask for it is you are simply Diamond. That’s what I was avoiding.

I tryed to use this the other day in the Diamond section but someone changed it…

Nice to see your giving a chance to non-diamond members though. :sunglasses:

If anyone has some suggestions to another site you would like Premium for, post here and I will consider buying more for you guys.

Sexy give away :smiley:

Ummm thanks? It’s not a giveaway though really. Sometimes I wonder if people actually reply to threads after they have read literally only the title.