[FREE] Metro 2033 for PC! Only for 24 Hours! HURRY!

FREE for 24 Hours! Get it quick!

Link: Here

Have fun!

Nice find thank you!

Nice share! Just got mine. Thanks!


harr harr :laughing:

Free for 24hours as in play it for 24 hours free then pay? or free for 24 hours meaning full game for life but only free to get in 24 hours?

Either way, Nice find!
OT: You need to change your name back to Sayem.

Download within 24 hours to have FOREVER.

And yes, I agree, Sayem must make her return.

What he said ^^

And maybe :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for finding this :smile:

Ending today most likely, get it quick! Great game from what I’ve heard :stuck_out_tongue: