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[FREE] Metro 2033 Redux - Expires 3rd Oct 2019

The awesome post-apocalyptic shooter Metro 2033 Redux is currently free.
Deadline to get this absolute masterpiece for free is 3rd October.
Link for the freebie:

Other titles in the Metro series have been discounted.
Link for the discounts:

Enjoy. :slight_smile:


Just downloaded it! It’s freakin awesome but there are no Epic Games trainers of this. In fact, there are almost never any Epic Games trainers available. Is there another way to use a trainer like the steam version for it?

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Glad you’re enjoying it.

Have you tried the Steam trainer here on WeMod anyway? A lot of the time it’s just a matter of setting a custom path in the WeMod software to the .exe (not the launcher, there’s a difference). Some Steam trainers will work on Epic Games, but not all of them, of course.

I used MrAntiFun’s trainer for Metro 2033 Redux when I played it last, but that was the Steam version of the game. He makes trainers for WeMod now, so give his a try. My advice is to not use the no reload cheat in MrAntiFun’s trainer - it’s broken and will cause you to be unable to switch weapons.

There should be other trainers elsewhere on the web if MrAntiFun’s doesn’t work. I’d rather not mention non-WeMod trainer makers here in case the WeMod Moderators slap me about and chuck me out the back door. :laughing:

Come on we are not that mean we would just delete the links lol

So I tried the Steam trainer. I added the metro.exe under the Steam trainer. While it recognizes the game is running, it doesn’t turn on any of the actual cheats. It makes the noise, and the individual slider twitches but doesn’t actually turn on.

I had some luck with one of MrAntiFun’s trainers off his website, but ran into an issue where the game kept crashing.