Free Mw3 Recovery Service

I’m doing for the community for 100% free, people can make donations of money or KV’s

Paypal email to donate


If anyone who donates $5 or more FIRST priority because they’re contributing to keep this

What Can Be Done:

Prestige Tokens
Double Xp
Double Weapon Xp
Unlock All
Minimum thanks requirement of 150 or 2000 post.


Do we just post and you PM us? When you get a kv

good luck getting a KV


I’m interested…

Well i would like it

send me a pm
of you email password and that you want…
Prestige Tokens
Double Xp
Double Weapon Xp
Unlock All

Hey Bliz, Can You Pm Me? I have A Question

You pm me…

u get a tool? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes i did.

yes im doing them for him i have the tool pm me on aim

Yes HOX x Typh00n is doing them for me until i get a kv…

Well no offense but without any proof i just think this is fake along with most of the other wanna be services out there lol, The only people i’ve seen that was legit so far with recovery services is Hero. I’d probably take this risk tho just to post legit or not for the sake of the community.

He’s doing mine now. So i’ll post a picture when he’s done

Sorry but we are doing there accounts now.

If people say they are legit, they are legit, like Unkown Lobbies and Instinct Mods, sometimes proof isn’t needed in my opinion

No need to be sorry just saying people are skeptics around here & with services like this it’s hard to trust just anyone, You should really provide proof in your first post & add like before & after images & what not just to help yourself a little bit. Again i would be willing to take the chance for the community since my account has nothing but game saves lol i might be a ginny pig for this.

are you still doing recovery because i want in :smiley:

True but sometimes tho people posting “Legit” could be the same person on a new account or someone who was asked to just randomly post that in the thread pointed to. It’s just my opinion tho lol.