Free Netflix without Credit Card?

Is there a way to get the 1 month trial without a credit card or paypal?

My friend said he used this link, but it didn’t work. - Free 1 month Netflix trial, no Credit Card required. -

Yo mind bro.
use it…
Sorry a bit high.

i dont think so. all i know is there is 5 spots on a netflix plan thingy.

non sense talk? lol

6, including yourself.

I do it this way:

I have at least 10 dollars on my paypal balance. When it’s the day before the first bill date I cancel it. The next day I switch wireless connections and re register with the same paypal and get another trial. There’s not even a card on the account.

Haha Nice. I forgot to put without paypal too. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish Netflix had a pre-paid card option. >_>

That would be the best thing ever. :thumbsup:

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No porn, jhonnyp

OP: Non that I know of…unless pre-paid cards work now

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