Free Recovery Services

Hello everybody! I’m back with more FREE recovery services!

I haven’t been interested in Call of Duty for a long time but thanks to iHC James releasing a new method for Modern Warfare 2 I thought I would open my trusted services again.

Only send your details when I request them.

You can chose from these statistic presets:

  • Reset
  • Per Prestige
  • Max

The reset and max presets speak for themselves. You can restore your account back to how it was before you played the game or be high up the leaderboards.

The per prestige preset makes you legit for your level.

Time wasters will be refused and added to my blacklist. I’m retired staff and trusted. You’ll get one message before I sign onto your account and another once I’m done, if I’m interrupted whilst modding, then you just wasted my time.

I hope you enjoy my services.

Uhm, I lost my usb. Can you just recover it takes less than 1 minute.

Yes. I was just updating the main post. If your account is small, I will recover it.

He said if the profile is small then he will recover it.
Tucker, this is great for the community. Even if you are retired staff. :wink:
Good job buddy.


Look at his profile next to open tray.
Under XMB Tucker it says System Link Patched. < lawl

Just a FYI, my patch will leave you with no new signs on MW/WaW.
(Unlike most patches that leave permanent ones).

BTW that dash is hawt

xlink FTW

bump (:

Ummh my profile is 24MB. And I doubt you want to recover that. Lemme Know.
If not, I will send you the folder when I get home :smiley:

Just PM’d my details :smile:

Will PM you no, thanks.

my account is 848 kb will you recover or should i upload?
Edit:sent you a message.

Just doing David iZ Mental then I’ll work through my private messages in the order they was received.

I’ll recover anything from <= 25MB.

1TB external, WOWz.

I PM’ed! Thanks for doing this!


This looks super legit, I like the high quality of you’re image.

I took it using free style dashes screen shot feature via http.

I sent you my info on XBL