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I’m doing I iz a Random then I’m going to watch a film.

enrique_tmz, Kyroteppza and vade27 you will be done after my film or tomorrow morning and will be the first three in the cue in the order I put you in.

Freaking Legit as Tits! I <3 You!

PM’d. No rush though.


Thanks laddy.


Thanks A BUNCH!


Legit as expected :smiley:

Updated the members who I’ve completed modding, onto the list.
Added a new list for members in the cue who will be modded after my film or tomorrow.

P.S: If you aren’t on the list for members in the cue, don’t freak. I’ll update it as much as I can each time I’m online. Just you might not be added asap. But you WILL be added and modded.

PM’d, no rush at all though man <3

Starting down the cue now.


After shattered, I’m playing some Black Ops, so all accounts after will be done later.

Legit. THX Tucker. Your are the best.

Thank you so much, legit as legit can be.


Dam some of you use high sensitivity lol.

Haha when I did peoples accoutns thats like the first thing I would notice, props for helping everyone out dude

I’ll be system linking for another hour and half until 3:00pm GMT. Then I’m having a break and will continue around 5:00-7:00pm GMT.

Legit :> thanks man

Massive vouch for Tucker here. Waited literally no time at all.

hey man can u do it my profile is small add me my gt is h5n1 I3eAsT

Thanks got back to me in 1min =) keep up the good work