FREE Se7ensins Premium!

Code : javascript:top.location=document.getElementsByName(‘return’)[0].value; javascript:void(0); :thumbsup:

I recommend to use Mozilla :smile:

NICE! Imma use this :smile:

As soon as i heard crank that i immediately closed the video

Do it before they fix it!


Rofl If that actually works i will laugh my ass off XD

I’m a God ! :smile: :smile: :smile:

So, did the staff manually verify it?

Does this work for Diamond?

i bet this would work here i think this should at least be in diamond

Doesnt work, check ur purchases, nothing is there

You sure this works?


nahh it doesn’t.

You should take this off, so Se7ensins people wont know :open_mouth:

this definitely doesnt work, im guessing it takes you to the page that says we accepted your payment, but doesnt actually give you premium, and besides it says the staff check the payment anyway

Oh ya well when I go to my purchases it only shows my 1 month I bought 5 days not the year.

Wait 24h

Lol @ all of you who actually tried it
All it does is send you to the confirmation page. No order is actually “sent”

inb4 can i do this for 4chan gold

inb4 i can’t inb4

I bet you tried.

haha i just tried this waiting to get verified