FREE Suprise gift from 1SaleADay

1SaleADay is giving away a free surprise gift with a value of $29.99. Just thought I’d let you guys know! Go get yours :thumbsup:

what do i do?

Just click “Buy It Now” then enter your shipping info.

Just got me one an hour ago :wink:

Ill give it a try hope it works!

ok so what the hell did i just buy?

a internets

This is what it says in description:

Today’s item is being offered as ‘Free + Free Shipping’. Please join our Facebook fanpage and Twitter fanpage and post a comment/testimonial BEFORE ordering this free gift. Obviously, there’s no ultra-secret device we use to see whether you’ve done so or not, so it’s all about the Code of Honor.

Although it’s practically summertime, we decided to conduct a last minute spring-cleaning in our warehouse. It was one of the best decisions we made all year. You know how a pirate feels when he’s uncovered hidden treasures? That’s kind of how we felt. And now, with mountains of treasured items collected, we’ve decided to share them with you – our loyal customer.

Each order will include an envelope with a random awesome item inside. And to mix things up a bit more, a few lucky customers will receive an even awesomer item that fits in a box!

so i just bought an envelope :laughing:

FFS it is america only -_-

This what my random item is o_0

Random Free Item
Model Number — SRPS-FRTM

Everybody’s is that I’m pretty sure.

hahaha mine to :thumbsup:

My moms being a *****. She wont let me buy one she thinks its one of those fake websites ****ing pisses me off.

Just enter your address lol. It’s not like you need to put a credit card or anything. And 1SaleADay is legit. It’s actually like a company

Just do it? It’s not like you need to put anything besides your address in.

EDIT: Skill with the ninja post.

Not just that but its free and she wont even notice it

Well, I live in Canada, so I couldn’t actually get one… But knowing they’re going to send it to a fake Zip Code in a fake Town to a fake Address in Washington will make me lol for a while.

If it’s not a real zip code with a matching city it won’t be shipped, they have checks to prevent that.

Stab that ***** and show her what a crazy son is capable of.
Real ****ing talk.