[Free VR Game] Shelter In Place

A VR experience called Shelter In Place is available for free from the Oculus store.
No expiry date has been given for this promotion, but it is also listed as free to play on Steam, indicating the Oculus promotion might be permanent.


Shelter in Place is an open-ended virtual reality game in which users are stuck indefinitely in a virtual mansion. With no escape, the only thing for the player to do is explore more than 15 rooms containing mini-games that can provide hours of entertainment for all interests and ages.

You cannot leave the mansion but you can try to escape from the maze, which reconfigures each time you enter. You can also explore the Adventure Room with zip lines, climbing walls and giant trampolines. You can try the Shooting Gallery or Archery in an Old West Stockade. You can spray paint graffiti in one room or paint in 3D in another. There is a music room, ping pong, and more.

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Note that you will need a VR device to play this game. However, you can add it into your library even if you do not currently have a VR device but might in the future.