[Free] X-Blades Steam Key [Steam]

Get your free X-Blades Steam key while they last.

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You can’t redeem this unless you’ve bought at least $5 worth of games from steam, just to throw that out there.

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Really? I’ve never ran into any issues like that getting these kind of free keys. It’s funny because I have around 40 games in my Steam library, but didn’t buy any of them. Most are from giveaways like this one but 3 or 4 are gifts from friends and giveaways on here, I think gifts must have a cash value which is why I didn’t have that issue.

Thanks for the info @Zodiac

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Yep. Wouldn’t let me redeem it for a key. One of the steps is to have a full account. You can’t have a full steam account without first spending $5

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Thats a downer for everyone who dont have a steam account already.
But i guess most people out for these keys already have a full account.
Thanks for sharing at least.

Anyway, unlucky you tho :frowning:

@Zodiac Yeah sadly. Its steam’s new way of getting rid of alts.

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