Free XBL Arcade titles (NO JTAG)


Newest Upload: Space Invaders Infinity Gene
Thanks to Oscar He’s Managed to Give me Some Hosting and i’ve Used my Old Domain.

So if you’re Wanting to Download Arcade Games from Now on Please Visit:
XBLA Collection

All Verification, Requests Etc will be Done Via this Website from now on.

The Website is not Yet Finished and i’ve only spent a few minutes Writing the Pages.

Currently Only the Downloads (Which is Currently the “News” Page) and the Credits Page are Functional.
i’ll Work on the Instruction, F.A.Q Etc in a few Days, i will also work on Uploading Most of the Games.

For now If you have Any Requests / Verifications, Feel free to still PM me through Here (Since i havent set the system up)

:smile: Enjoy.

Update: 20th September

Added Verification, Requests, News, And Downloads.
Currently Adding New Games (Duke Nukem 3D, Prince of Persia, Monday Night Combat) - Uploads Take a While (Upload Speed Sucks :smiley:)
Adding a VIP Section (Game-tuts VIPs Get Free-Access)

And If Possible Could Someone People Do Some things for me:
Write Instructions on How to:
Add The Game & Profile to a USB/HDD
Load the Game Using 1 Controller & Play
Loading the Game with 2 Controller and Play (Incase 1 Controller Fails)
Also I Want VIP’s Opinions On Certain Things:
Guestbook or Chat?
What Should the V.I.P Section Contain (i’ll try my best)
Also If You Know html, PHP or Any Web Coding Skills then Send me a Wall Post/PM
i could do with some Help With Finding Games Also (Use the Website)

Thanks Guys :smile:

Update: 21st September

Toy Solders, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, After Burner Climax & Shadow Complex Uploading.
Some Games will be VIP Only (In Order to Become VIP on You must purchase VIP On Game-tuts)
Think thats everything for now. :smiley:

Update: 28th September

  1. New Website Name; “XBLA COLLECTION”
  2. Added a Logo/Icon
  3. Partly Added User Registrations.
  4. Added Space Invaders Infinity Gene

For More Information Check out; XBLA Collection

If You’d Like VIP From Now on, Please Register With the Site and then PM me and i’ll add VIP When i’m Free.

(if you’re not using the Same Username, then tell me)

So this works without a jtag ? can i use it online with my profile ?


How Does This Work Pm?

Not trying to advertise his site but you have to look on his site about the “HowTo”

All the good games are VIP :confused:

well, either way. it’s pretty cool.

Isn’t this classed as warez? "/

Anyway, if anyone wants the games that are “VIP” only for free send me a pm me and I’ll send you a link to a better website. :wink:

Edit: Nevermind, please disregard this post. :smile:

The instructions dont work for me HELP!!!

Technically isnt this Warez (Wich are illegal) And cheating Microsoft out of Money- Wich has to be classed as some type of fraud?

Yah i wanna know how to download and play them…

Thanks man your a ms point saver =)

There are more free arcade games here:Xbox360iso

Good post bro.