*Free* Xbox LIVE Avatar Items

Doesn’t work

i would like to try it

I think now people can use the avatar award unlocker on horizon?

damn mann thx

That’s for achievements, this is what you buy.

i tryed it and when i go to put on my xbox frm my usb it shows the avatar items as corrupted

yeah I did this along time ago as well but no succes I see them in my avatar gallery but the preview pictures of the costume are big vet ! signs, and yeah I change the id’s to try that and of course rehash/resign

ok i will try again tomorrow and will update

It does’t work any more
how put " any 8 bit"
please example i test all is corrupted
thank you for post :smile:

I heard this sort of thing could get you banned easy, but idk.

You should have posted this in diamond :wink:

holy nice thanks

Just use horizon - YouTube - GODLYELLiiOT’s Channel

Thanks to Elliiot for the vid


That is a completely different way. This get the Avatar Items your purchase for free. All Horizon does is unlock the Avatar Awards.

LIST UPDATE, 6 Games Added

Please give me more games to add!


Everything it completely corrupted. When I do get it to show it says it’s corrupted.


Thanks man will Try it Later

It said they were all corrupted for me.