Free xbox live gold?

My free 1 month trial was supposed to end on 3/19/11 but I can still play online.
Is this a glitch or something?

I’ve seen a lot of people say about this i think there is a glitch what does your membership thing say on your xbox ?

Lucky you!

I got an email saying my gold has expired on 3/19.
On my xbox, it says it ends this month but no specific date

Same happened to me.

Hmmm I guess you have unlimted Gold membership :thumbsup:

Is this happening to anyone else?
I can still play online.

it’s probably free gold weekend :wink:

No. I have been playing online for about 2 weeks without a membership.
It doesn’t say free xbox live week anywhere

You are freaking lucky! Now you can save $200 a month. :laughing:

My friend’s account was supposed to run out 3 months ago and still has gold.

It happens a lot.
My friend works for Xbox Support and he tells me about this **** all the time.

How does it happen?

There’s no specific way of doing so, there was an instance where a guy was buying Microsoft Points with his credit card and it wasn’t even charging him.

Oh, so it’s just a lucky glitch in the system? I wouldn’t mind having that.:lol:

It will probably end like April 1st.

mine is always glitched from exploring my profile mine ends 9999

lol and it would probably run out soon so i don’t think u’ll b tht lucky and that is really mucked up though :smiley:

it happened to me do u have a credit card on your account? if so then ur probally behind and ow them some money if u didnt have money on ur card. for some reason i bought nmicro points on my account and my trial ran out and the started to charge my credit card for some reason.

No credit card on my account