Freestyle Dash DVD Extract doesn't work

Well my RGH was messed up so I sent it in to get it fixed and the DVD Extract for it worked and now everytime I try to use it it just extracts 7 files and says done… Doesn’t even finish, any idea how to fix this?

Are you making sure to close the disc tray with the eject button? I know that use to be crucial but i haven’t done it in a while.

Yeah I close it with the eject button and it still doesn’t extract properly

Upon pressing ectract dvd does it open the tray for you?

Yeah but then I close it with the eject button

close it with eject wait like 15 seconds then confirm the extract.

Okay I’ll try that tomorrow, but while this is opened I have another issue, for Freestyle Dash you know how there’s parts for Xbox 360 Games, Emulators, Homebrews ect… Well I finally figured out how to get my games to show there lol but it won’t show the cover for them. (They’re all ripped btw)

So is there like a certain place in each game folder where I put the image for the cover? Also I have livestrong = false in my launch.ini which should have helped but I think the covers aren’t showing is cause I don’t have any lol

So can I just download a cover and place it into the folder of that game?

Just update the artwork. But first make sure you have account on, and your xbox connected to it.

Same problem, DVD extract only get a few files and then stops.

How do I connect to jqe360?

Create a account there and add your login details in FSD settings.
Then hit the lik button.

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