Freezeing GTA V Modded ISO

Hello everyone i hope you might be able to assist me with an issue. i have recently modded GTA V with some script mods and i have encountered a issue in which i hope you can help with

opon loading Story Mode it freezes anywhere from teh save warning to the actual loading screen and sometimes even before the Rockstar a copyright notice (the very first thing that pops up when you start the game)

i must point out i have NO game saves or DLC and just the TU 20 installed im guessing my issue is likely lies there but im running low on Vertibums so i want to make sure. i have done everything as instructed in the read me for the script mods
as shown below

Liberty V - Open IV:

  1. Inject the script.rpf into disk2/xbox360b.rpf/levels/gta5/script
  2. Replace the movies into disk2/xbox360b.rpf/movies/

Xbox Backup Creator:

  1. Replace the common.rpf
  2. Replace the new modded xbox360b.rpf

i have researched the issue and found only 1 solution on the SE7ENSINS forums as follows:

(my apologies if this is agenst the rules to link to another forum)


as teh issue states my EXACT problem trouble is it didn’t work so im asking here

i do have the script.rpf from the TU 18 injected into xbox360b.rpf/levels/GTA5/script/ on disk two and that SHOULD hvae sorted my problem but im not entirely sure i wanted to confirm this before i burned it again the reason im confused it because the original script.rpf was the same size as the TU 18

so if you can assist me id would be greatly appreciated