Fresh and big update 2-19-2013

I got a update about 15 min ago. it had to have been big based on the time it took .Any release notes?I cant see any visual changes. But it seems to big to be fixing bugs.

It’s a 30mb update…took like a minute.

I also wondered this & updated hoping that it’s nothing major since my xbox is flashed. Still searching for info tho on this random update.

well you must be mistaken because 30mb wouldn’t take me 5 min to download.unless you have a really fast connection and you dont know it.

yea same here I will post if i can find anything.

I have a 2mbps connection, probably one of the slowest on here…

i know this update is suppose to help catch people using x360key

so if you have one, dont use the picture viewer to find your games. just get up and use the remote

jesus… time for an upgrade.or maybe I should get what you have so I didnt have to wait 5 min.

I don’t download things so the speed works just fine to play games online

I dont know how you can do it.i was very unhappy when I had DSL with a max of 12mb

I have a max of 30 but it only goes up to 3 and its still very fast.

i have fios 75mb/35mb. only took me about 1 minute to download this update

have no idea what it was for

So back on topic here, any further info on this update yet?

I did the update and my Xkey is still working fine (using the menuiso via dash).

Also found this from major nelson.

“I wanted to let you know that the team has just released a system update for the Xbox 360 over Xbox LIVE. Starting today when you sign in to Xbox LIVE you’ll receive a prompt to accept this mandatory update. If you are signed into LIVE already, you may be signed out and asked to accept the update and you’ll be back online in a few moments.”

“This update will increase performance and is part of our continued effort to provide the best possible Xbox LIVE experience. In this update, we are providing a fix to a color issue that some were experiencing, and it will be immediately notable in the dashboard. The fix is also being applied by partners to their apps on Xbox LIVE, which we expect to roll out over the coming months.”

Yea they say stuff like that but they allways have something in the updates to fight against piracy and modded consoles. They don’t say this so people who have these modifications are more likley to get caught out.

Yeah I know but some people have to try it out, if not nobody would ever have the update. :laughing:

I took the risk, not saying it is safe but it does not take away the ability to use an Xkey. :thumbsup:

Where did you get this info from? I would like to know. Not that I am worried but you should at least give a source.

I also said “F This” & Went along with the update lol now to play the waiting game & see if it was safe or not to do so.


Hi guys I also have a flashed xbox, is this update safe to do in your opinion?

No one knows for sure right now, i went & took the risk so the most i will be expecting IF it wasn’t safe is a console ban which i have backups for.


Lol legend. How long do you reckon it normally takes for them to issue a console ban? Not saying I want you to get banned lol.