Friend Account Banned

So my friend recently got an Xbox One and couple days later he got a message from CheatHunter01 saying that his account will be permanently banned next week, he doesnt believe that the message is true and somebody is messing around with him

It’s just some clown messing around with him. Tell him he’s got nothing to worry about.

Am not sure hes like freaking out right now

Did he actually do anything that would earn him any type of ban?

he modded his achievements

Then they will get reset. He won’t be banned.

Thanks, but my friend is still freaking out the message he got this morning on his xbox one sound so formal so hes really afraid that next week his account is goin to be banned

he won’t be banned it’s just a troll using his gamertag to trick your friend

Microsoft doesn’t send messages saying you will be banned. Tell your friend its a joke.