Friendly Warning About Online Achievements For Xbox 360

Hello everyone. First time posting here. I’m not really sure if this topic has been mentioned before or not but I thought it would wise to pass the info on to others if it hasn’t.

I recently discovered a minor problem when I unlocked all the online achievements for Tomb Raider and logged back onto Xbox Live. Turns out if you delete your profile off your Xbox and then redownload it back onto your Xbox then your online achievements will get out of order - I used the timestamp for the online achievements and unlocked them last using the achievement unlocker so it would show up being the last achievements I unlocked for the game. Well… after deleting my profile and redownloading it back onto my Xbox my online achievements show up at the very bottom of my achievement list along with a few but not much achievements you unlock offline. Good news is that this didn’t affect my Castlevania: LoS - MoF achievements at all for some reason. Same thing happened on my second account that I use to sample games out too. I did that on purpose to see if that was the reason it did that. Just thought you guys should know this if you didn’t know already.

I don’t believe Horizon reorders your achievements, if you go onto the xbox website and log in and look at your achievements are they in the correct order? Or by viewing the profile on xbox by another profile?

I agree. I don’t think it was Horizon that did this to my achievements. I honestly think it might have been an Xbox Live screw up when I redownloaded my profile back onto my Xbox. I had already checked my Xbox Live profile on my Microsoft account and saw that my achievements there were in the exact same screwed up order as it appears on my achievement list on my Xbox. I haven’t checked my profile by viewing it from my other account yet but chances are I’ll end up seeing the exact same thing.
What I failed to mention when I wrote my post was that an error occurred when I was modding my achievements. When I do choose certain options on Horizon (like extract file) a message pops up in the middle of the screen which everything to freeze up on me. When that happens I am forced to restart my laptop and continue from there. Perhaps it may had corrupted my file or something but I don’t know. It’s also possible that Horizon didn’t download right too.

It’s ok though because I only had two games played on my profile. I have over 70 Xbox games that I have to replay because I lost my old Live account by making the mistake of using a student email address and forgetting the password. Microsoft couldn’t help me and I had over 11,000 for my Gamerscore which was still rising. That happened few years back before I found out about Horizon. I’m just going to start a new Live account and start over. I’ve already changed my email address to my current account and plan on changing my gamertag so I can still use them both on my new one. I’ve also redownloaded Horizon so hopefully everything will work out this time :slight_smile: