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Frostpunk Cheats and Trainer for Steam


If you buy him the win store version


What he said and if it gets some votes at least. Often times it happens my steam version trainer has hundreds of users but Winstore not even ten which is such a waste of time. So i need to see votes


Dear STN
today a new patch for the game was released. I guess you are already working on it but I discovered i cant toggle “instant research” anymore. Thanks for your service


The Frostpunk cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


I’ve got a slight problem. I’ve already beaten the game without using cheatings, they weren’t available at the time, but when I enable cheats the number of sick people skyrocket. Never before have I gotten almost 80 sick people in first 5 minutes of gameplay, I’m guessing it’s a bug of sorts with the cheats.

A fix would be nice, but if you could just add instant healing or something, that’d probably work to. Although, instant build and instant research are not working for me, so adding an instant heal probably won’t fix the problem either.


Hasn’t happened to me and i can’t recreate it. Also get latest steam version, trainer is up to date so if it isn’t working for you, you probably have an outdated version.


hey i could use some help i have the window store version and it wont work can someone plz help


Yes . This trainer is made for steam version of the game


Hi, I’m using GOG version of this game and getting “invalid installation” error. How can I deal with this problem?


See above. Trainer was made for the steam version. GOG must be different


Yes, I’ve seen it. Are there any plans for trainer for GOG version?


Usually not worth it to make trainers for gog versions since most use steam and similar. Maybe if all that needs to be changed is exe name and/or or where it looks for the exe.


Select the game exe. Make sure infinity is up to date.


Survival Mode came out, Instant research seems to not be working.


Instant research is not working


with the 1.1.0 latest update of the game instant research is not working


Hey STN First i want to thank you for all the effort you put on making the trainer for this awesome Title !, but I have a problem, all of the cheats work correctly and with no bugs whatsoever, But the instant research one doesn`t work at all, please let me know if i am doing something wrong or if its an error that you are trying to fix, thanks for your time and Thanks!


Hi, STN thanks for creating this trainer for this game. I’m having similar issues with some of the trainer mods is there an update coming soon? thankyou


hey its a me box guy love the trainer but the research one isn’t working can ya fix or am i using it wrong i click on it when i start a research and then it turn itself off


when ever I select a toggle button for the cheats, I get a red circle with a line through it and I cant activate anything, what am I doing wrong? I deactivated windows defender, I don’t have any other antivirus, ran as administrator, still issues