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how can we when this mod is not up to date with the version live? We will patently wait until you can update it, but please listen when we tell you what is not working.


Dear STN.

First i wanna thank you for the time and efford you have put in to make this mod.
However the mod doesnt work so well after the new version of Frostpunk.
The instand research doesnt work. Maybe you could take a look?

I wanna thank you in advance! and keep up the good work!


Can confirm, Instant Research is no longer functional. Most of the other features appear to be fully functional.


I believe that using the toggle buttons without using hotkeys only works if you have a ‘‘pro account’’
When you have you mouse over the selected toggle it says so.


Hey @STN just letting you know every other cheat works apart from Fast Research… When you have the time sir can you please have a look :heart:


This still works except the instant Research @STN please fix. As always I appreciate your work! :slight_smile:


Hej @STN. I was thinking. do you think it’s possible to reduce or remove the cool down on the book of laws?


Hey their is a new update can you make the trainer up to date ?


Hey @STN whenever you get some time, please fix that Instant Research :smiley: thanks.


Lonely nerd. Also no need to check it everyday. If you play other games with wemod then you’ll get a notification there if the game was updated




it needs to be updated it does not like my new game version the buttons are on but nothing happens in the game


Disable your antivirus and add infinity to its exception list. The only cheat broken with this is research


Do you think you will be able to fix the instand research?


He will. When he gets to the game


Yeah. Do you think you will be able to activate Version Guard?


yeah np. Thanks in advance. Keep up the work!


The Frostpunk cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


@ STN Thank you VERY much!