FSD startup from main menu?

Hi guys,

I wonder if FSD could startup from the main menu Games>My Games>FSD. but not startup from using XEXmenu or using FreeLaunch setting for FSD. If it posible can you direct me to the link how to, please.


It’s been a long time since my jtag like burst into flames but cant you tell it what to do in the .ini file?

The only way I know how is to set it as the dafualt dash in DashLaunch. You can’t launch it by going Games>My Games>FSD.

Yeah FSD can only be launched 2 ways. Via XEXmenu or set up with Dash Launch to either boot as default dash or boot into FSD while a certain button is held during the boot up. If you need help getting this set up feel free to PM me.