Full Xbox 360 Part List

This is a list about most, or all of the Xbox parts.

Motherboards - What makes the Xbox, be a Xbox :S


[details= Xenon] [/details][details= Zephyr] [/details] [details= Falcon] [/details] [details= Opus] Not many of these were made, you could possibly have on of these if your xbox has had a repair[/details] [details= Valhalla] This is the newest Motherboard, and is only found in the Xbox 360 S.



RF Boards - The ROL display that turns on the Xbox 360

RF Board

Disk Drives - What plays the disk.

[details= Disk Drives]
Lite-on [/details]

Heatsinks - Keeps the Xbox from overheating

[details= Heatsinks] There are 2 heatsinks. One from the old xbox, and one in the newer model Xbox’s.

There is also a heatsink over the CPU, which is this [/details]
Fans - Keep the Xbox cool

[details= Fans] There isn’t really much to explain about fans.

That is most of the parts to an Xbox, incase you want to take yours apart, or something.

you missed out the Jasper mobo. :smiley:

The Falcon’s Motherboard looks pretty beast as well as the Valhalla

Anyone can correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t the xbox actually include both heat sinks? It’s been awhile since I opened my old box to fix the RROD so I can’t quite remember.

Yes the xbox includes 2 heatsinks.


:open_mouth: I did! I got a Jasper to! WTF!?

The word “full” is a bit of a stretch! Granted it’s good information, if I had a few hours to kill, I’d give you FULL! Haha! You left out the CPU heatsinks as well. Good basic information nonetheless!


my really old xbox is an opus is that good?

BenQ=Philips right?

Very nice information. You forgot some information but members have already said above.

Missed a couple things but overall nice job!

:stuck_out_tongue: I know I missed stuff, suggest it, and I’ll add it!

Opus is like a Falcon, which is a good mobo, just not as stable.

I think so. I also forgot Lite-on, will add in a min.

Forgot to post the Valhalla motherboard image.

No, I just had the wrong pic XD