Funding for new trainers

I love the Wemod application but to be honest I do not like the subscription model so I am only a free user though I would totally pay for trainers so I thought maybe it would be an idea to have fundings for each game.

Let’s pretend I am looking for a trainer for Unruly Heroes but there is none available. Now imagine there is a button I can click to start throwing money into funding of a trainer for this game. Once the funding goal is achieved, the payment will be finalized and the trainer can be made and published for all. If the necessary amount is not going to be achieved, people get their money back and nothing happened at all.

From my point of view there are a lot of games without an available trainer so far that I would be easily willing to pay some small amounts for. And depending on how many people feel the same, the amount of money per game might be worth a try at least.

We had this feature previous to WeMod 7 and it was rarely used. As such we have removed the feature do not plan to add it back.

Is there a reason you are against subscribing to Pro?

Appreciate your reply and too bad the model was used only rarely.

Since I aim only interested in the trainers I would be willing to pay for trainers but subscribing does not offer any advantage to this. I would prefer the application to be something like steam itself but instead of selling games, there are trainers to be bought which will be maintained like the games on steam.
Have you maybe even thought about opening such a store for other people to sell their self made trainer while you take a cut like x%?

I see no relation how subscribing helps getting a trainer for an older game that got no trainer yet. In case of Unruly Heroes or Underhero I am seeking for trainers but there are none and most probably nowadays you will not release one which is absolutely understandable due to the age of those games and there is no reasonable monetary compensation for older games within the subscription.

I think your service needs to be paid and I think it is a great business which did not find the proper model yet. I hope this changes one day and you will earn properly for your provided service!