Funding for new trainers

I love the Wemod application but to be honest I do not like the subscription model so I am only a free user though I would totally pay for trainers so I thought maybe it would be an idea to have fundings for each game.

Let’s pretend I am looking for a trainer for Unruly Heroes but there is none available. Now imagine there is a button I can click to start throwing money into funding of a trainer for this game. Once the funding goal is achieved, the payment will be finalized and the trainer can be made and published for all. If the necessary amount is not going to be achieved, people get their money back and nothing happened at all.

From my point of view there are a lot of games without an available trainer so far that I would be easily willing to pay some small amounts for. And depending on how many people feel the same, the amount of money per game might be worth a try at least.


We had this feature previous to WeMod 7 and it was rarely used. As such we have removed the feature do not plan to add it back.

Is there a reason you are against subscribing to Pro?

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Appreciate your reply and too bad the model was used only rarely.

Since I aim only interested in the trainers I would be willing to pay for trainers but subscribing does not offer any advantage to this. I would prefer the application to be something like steam itself but instead of selling games, there are trainers to be bought which will be maintained like the games on steam.
Have you maybe even thought about opening such a store for other people to sell their self made trainer while you take a cut like x%?

I see no relation how subscribing helps getting a trainer for an older game that got no trainer yet. In case of Unruly Heroes or Underhero I am seeking for trainers but there are none and most probably nowadays you will not release one which is absolutely understandable due to the age of those games and there is no reasonable monetary compensation for older games within the subscription.

I think your service needs to be paid and I think it is a great business which did not find the proper model yet. I hope this changes one day and you will earn properly for your provided service!


Im for it. Wemod is starting to slowly gain more attention im sure there are probably more people willing to do this “funding”. Perhaps it is time to look back into the system again with some rework. It’s a great way on the side for creators to earn a little more if they take on the “request” that someone posted for an older game. I don’t know how much it costs to fund 1 trainer for an older game but im sure if it wasn’t an outrageous sum im sure people would(its probably like cost of game+profit fee or something like that). another way i see it also is unless it cost money to sustain that funding feature on wemod i dont see why it needed to be removed also. How i see it QoL is that the options are there if people decide to do so. I guess the idea is “what i’d pay to get a trainer on wemod for my game”.


i also agree as in my case the person who made the cheats is no longer working/doing it, and its a way people can update a working trainer with new cheats, as it is now if a trainer works and the original trainer/person left then there is no way to update it, pluss you can add a EDIT lvl on the premiun, as in my case its pointless to have a premiun, and just being able to buy boost or buy edits would be much better, btw am not gonna sak for a refund as i use wemods and i see it as a charity/way for me to pay back atleast for now. but again it would be nice to have a Edit/buy your own game options, and even if you dont add it outside, you can give it as options for different premium lvls etc :slight_smile:

the reason i am not subscribing to pro so far next to the price is that its a subscription. I dont ever use CCs online. I dont have a CC added to my paypal (so cant even use paypal subscriptions).

I have funds in my paypal and bitcoin and so on but cant even use them here. I realize the benefits for the vendor of subscriptions but maybe its changing in the future? Like with a lot of (other, non-trainer) subscription services they are losing customers because people are getting tired of subscription models. I love Wemod its amazing so i would like to support but let me give an example.

There is so many farming games now like Harvest moon/Stardew valley. Like recently roots of pacha came out its $24.99 its selling not that great so far. Same for Sun Haven. They may have made under $200k so far. Then look at Stardew it made 150 Million Dollars selling at $14.99 …

Higher price does not always mean more income. Would Wemod not work with $10 a year one time payment no subscription?

We appreciate the feedback. One-time payments are not a sustainable business model which is why the majority of games now have paid DLCs or season passes. If you look at games like stardew valley they generally release in early access with no guarantees that the game will ever be finished and once it is finished that is it. It would be the same as WeMod stopping all development at this point then maybe releasing another small update in a year or two to fix a few bugs. There are more games that don’t succeed with that model than there are that do. $10/year definitely is not sustainable for a company like WeMod which has ongoing monthly costs. You can always subscribe and cancel it immediately if you want to manually renew it each year/month.

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You are welcome. But that was just the point I was trying to make. So many games now are $25 or $30 plus start having dlc. And overall they net the devs/publisher maybe $200k if at all.

Stardew since years is $15 one time and it made the dev over $150 million. Thru a cheaper price also word of mouth spreads more.

Also if we go by science, you probably should have two premium models. One for $4.99 a year or something, or even a one time fee. One like now or just $9.99 a month

The thing holding me back from going pro is the fact that the boosts don’t work for games not in the queue, maybe instead of funding the games maybe have an extra feature where you can put boosts in games that are not done yet, like DC injustice 1: Gods among us for example.

A subscriber could put their boosts towards that game to be added. And then after they can request an update. Just a thought not sure if that is workable.

Love the work you guys do, you guys are the only ones I trust out there.

then would a tier subscribiton be an option? aka one small amount for people who want ot just support you. one higher for those who wants to speed up games like current one is. and a higher for those who want to revive dead games/add cheats to a game they own/want cheats to that doesnt have etc. and it can be as high/expensive as you feel/think it should be to.

I like Wemod for what it is: a community and not a “money pump” app.

Being Pro, it means supporting the approach of a service open to all. Poor or rich.

So thank you Wemod, thank you Mr Antifun, Fling, Greenhouse, Colonel IRVH and Stinger! And thank the moderators!

We never tell you this enough!


amen in the last part i second that it 100% because regardless i agree they do not get enough appreciation.