Funniest request ever?

I need a pro Black ops 2 (xbox 360) Quickscoper to take me under his or her (As i respect girl gamers) wings to get better, i know the basics and my friends on xbox live will say i can be ok, but personally and honestly, i am actually s**t at quickscoping =( so can any one PLEASE HELP !!!

My first bit of advice is to put down Call of Duty and play Battlefield.

Nah, played BF 2 through 3 and never liked it, COD all the way for me…

just play with bots and as u start to win more then go to the real multiplayer :smile: that’s what im going to do when I get my black ops 1 :smile:

I do sometimes use the bots weiner23, i can be ok, but when i go into public matches i get owned lol.

yea I know how u feel I one time played gears of war 3 and I would come last even tho I was on lvl 80 lol

i have a youtube channel and a few average clips of me sniping but i want to get better, if you want to view it, by all means, its …UnPro Gamer…

ok I will :smile:

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

why tho isn’t battlefield more realistic then call of duty games

I’m going to disagree with you for many reasons. Plus Battlefield isn’t just better because it’s more realistic, but let’s focus on that for now.

Here are just some things I can think of off the top of my head that makes Battlefield more realistic:

  • There is bullet drop and bullet travel time. In CoD, bullets magically transport for point A to point B.
  • In CoD, there’s ridiculous power in kill streaks. In Battlefield, the power is as ridiculous as you make it.
  • In CoD, you can throw a knife across a map.
  • There is destruction. In CoD, you can shoot 30 missiles at a wall with no structural damage.

Now those are just ways Battlefield is more realistic. I could come up with a much larger list of how Battlefield is a better game overall. Also think about this: CoD is on what, it’s 9th game or something? That’s because people get bored of it quickly, so in order to make money the developers have to make games every year. Battlefield is up to 4. The developers spend more time and put more effort into developing it to make it a really quality game (so it seems, I can’t make assumptions).

Don’t get me wrong, I play CoD a lot. But in a debate over Battlefield vs. Call of Duty, Battlefield wins, hands down.

but still why play battlefield? then go to call of duty ?

Did you play BF4?

I don’t own any battlefield games but I seen reviews and I still don’t get why play battlefield then paly call of duty ? but as I recall battlefield 4 flopped and so did battlefield 3 bc u can go buy them used for 4.99 and 19.99 un like call of duty black ops

The difference is, I would still pay 4.99 or 19.99 for a Battlefield game. But as for CoD, to me they are only worth downloading from a torrent site free of charge just to mod the hell out of them.

EDIT: Oh and pre-owned Call of Duty games do sell for the same price, it just depends on where you look.


Battlefield 3 was great.

WHOA!!! if you want REAL realism go play sniper elite, i think its got REAL ballistics, bullet drop and all that stuff…

I thought about getting the Free Sniper Elite 2 to give it a try. I have heard some good things about the games.

I thought this thread was about Alther wanting training on Black Ops 2, not which shooter is more realistic.

Yes, I still play BF4 a lot. I definitely think it’s a quality game.