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First Of this shop is completly FREE there is no donations needed all i ask is +Thanks if you like the disign made if not well i did try.

Second of all any requests that come in i will try my hardest to get done all you need to do is post what you want done and i will do it for you. I do animation on both sigs and avatars so if there is anything you want in that region just give me a message.

Third thing is if i am not on and you want a design done all you need to do i send a message to my profile or send a small E-mail to [EMAIL=“shaun_whitson@hotmail.co.uk”]shaun_whitson@hotmail.co.uk this way i will recive notifications that you have wrote to me.
Later i will post some of the work i have done onto the site so you can browse through my work and if there is anything you like all you need to do is give me a shout.

Thanks FuseTK
[b]Here Are Some Examples Of The Sigs That You Can Have

Example of Abstract Sig:[/b]

Grunge Sig:

Another very populer sig. This has a very dirty look to it. It’s mosty very repetitive and has a lot of color as well.

Example of Grunge sig:

Grunstract sig:

A mixture of both grunge and abstract this is it’s basically abstract with grainy and weatherd spots.

Example of Grunstract sig:

Photomanipulation: This is a sig that is started with a photo or stock image and has been changed in certain ways to make it look better or to your liking.

Example of photomanipulation:

Vector Sig: A vector sig is a very simple sig. It’s all shapes with different sizes and with those shapes you have to be creative and place them in correct areas to look good.

Example of Vector Sig:

Smudge sig: A sig made by only using the smudge tool. Usually you must smudge in a certain flow to get amazing effects.

Example of Smudge Sig:

Default Brush Sig: A sig made by filters and default brushes. This usually has a very nice result.

Example of Default Brush Sig:

A Nice Sig With
A Smooth Lass
And My GT:SionSeville
Would be Nice

Could i have a gears of war 1 or 2 or 3 any colours anything can i have no name on so i can use for different websites if you don’t like idea iSTEAMY69 thanks

Don’t you have enough sigs already?

LOL well one more cant hurt he is testing us all see who does the best job :stuck_out_tongue:

Can i get a Dead space back ground with my Youtube name on the bottem left Thxx :smile:

I want a sig like yours. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just with XMB Yes
and in small letters on the bottom (readable) Nominate for Epic?


and an awesome avtar.

Maybe the girl has a better Buttox <3

Text: Kyroteppza
Background: something cartoon’e or hot girl or a girls ass

There you go mate + THANKS would do :stuck_out_tongue:

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There you Go + THANKS if you like :thumbsup:

There You Are + THANKS if you Like :thumbsup:



Give Me + THANKS if You Like :thumbsup:

TY <3

This should be moved into the graphic section of the site. And you are not allowed to ask for thanks if I recall correctly. But looks like your sigs are pretty good, but I suggest smudging the girls into the background so it looks like they are actually there and not just pasted onto it. But overall nice shop.

IM not liking the girl…

Lol shes ugly and can you put a chicks but right there? :smile:


And the avtar is okay


I would love you forever if you made me a Katy Perry sig that said “Katy Loves Austin”

cool i dont know how to move it into the graphic section thats what mods are for.

erm never new about the thanks but cheers for letting me know.

yes i would blend into the bkground but i think it looks better when you can see the girls nice and clearly. but we all have diff ways of doing things cheers anyways. if you could, send me some bkgrounds that i can use if its not to much of a problem… :thumbsup:

Lol thats not a problem i just thought it worked but for you i will change it to a pic of and as* :sunglasses:

A Nice Sig With
Fit lass maybe Taylor swift or Selena Gomez
User name NukeZilla
Gamertag NukeZilla v1
If you can tat would be amazing

No problem give me aday to do that :thumbsup: