Ok guys I know how much you’ve been waiting to dig your little hands into this and I thank you for your patience but here it is finally the release of Fusion AIO

88 Editors (Some Are One Offs meaning no one else has built an editor yet)
About box
Exact Time & Date Of Your Region

Future Updates:
Web Browser
More Editors

Also for requests please just post with request or bug/report for bugs this will help me out to fix big or small problems with Fusion

Enjoy :thumbsup:


One Off Made Editors:

Download Link: Fusion AIO.rar

Ok Here Is The First update for Fusion AIO also don’t delete or change location of the xulrunner folder you need to create a folder on D: called Fusion or else the web browser won’t work seeming as it relies on the contents of the xulrunner folder just trust me so here is how to add fusion to your computer


  1. Download Updated Fusion AIO
  2. Open Fusion AIO.rar
  3. Create New Folder called Fusion AIO
  4. Add Fusion AIO to new folder you just created
  5. Enjoy updated fusion aio

Update V1.1 Download Link: Fusion AIO V1.1.rar

Update V1.2 Changelog:

x3 New Editors Amped 3, Need For Speed The Run & Birds Of Steel
Web Browser Has Been fixed and tweaked a bit

Update V1.2 Download Link: Fusion AIO V1.2.rar

Update V1.3 Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?h7chzx7lj370plu

Update V1.5 Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?xi2pbwz33ke38gm

Update V1.6 Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?2d2cf72m1tjvqfr

To Install Updates just follow tutorial for installation

Also If Your Wondering I’m the soul creator and only developer of this AIO there is no other person just me and also I’m xDEADLYx just to clear things up

This is just another modding program, whats so different than all the others people make? Its has too much added i think you did way too much than you should have. You also have a lot of older games people want the new games, New mods what does your bring new? I thank because you tried.

Horizon isn’t very different from other modding programs. Doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have been released or updated. Also you can never add too much, that might be the fourth most stupid thing I’ve heard all of today (I’ve heard a lot today on here …).

I mean you don’t hear about people complaining to Cheater for adding new game mod tools. I would thank your post, but tbh it doesn’t even look like you made an effort to sound semi-smart so nty.

maybe you should take a look for your self and see what editors there are in there honestly shouldn’t just judge someone’s work like judging a book by its cover

I’m glad people make more mod programs more competition means better end product for us.

I’ve seen the source of every one of these modding programs…

I should be thanking you svt merc for supplying your birds of steel save so that I could make my editor

oh really so you know what editors are in this then I presume

I bet cheater hacks this aio and uses it for horizon lol.

Just cracked the program.

well good for you people cracking my program obviously you go to such standards because you can’t code your own programs

Obvisouly you don’t code very well niether or you wouldn’t be having to commenting on this situation … Learn how to code like cheater912 and put hidden porn pop ups for the people that crack it but instead they get little more than they anticipated 4.

I don’t waste my time with that stuff also it just shows how low someone goes to just to steal a persons piece of worker bunch of leechers and saying I can’t code man thats just sad coming from another programmer

I wish cheater actually did that. Then at least you get a little prize even if you lose.

This app is actually pretty nice. Great job on the user interface :smile:

I don’t program lol .
Just a username

lol fail oh well but still people who steals or cracks a persons app is someone that either
a. doesn’t know how to code
b. is a parasitic leech
c. is failing at everything in life
d. all of the above

I cracked it for my own accomplishment. Not to leech from you program, it’s not like any of those editors would be that hard to make, all the games are 8000 years old anyway.

pretend when you read this I haven’t posted on this thread yet… Isn’t is awful how as soon as someone releases something they worked real hard on and it’s attacked in seconds I mean if he coded all these himself then he did a good job.

We should all act a little more mature. He posted it for others to look at, and use. Not for a crackme in which you probably all lied and didn’t crack it while trying to look cool.

but still even though that some of those games are old and some are new it doesn’t really matter on what I planned to add into fusion and also some of those editors were hard to do took some time to do them and spent around about half of this month to code the whole thing. Also its good to know that your only doing it for your own accomplishment and not for leeching but next update don’t be suprised to find it hard to crack because I ain’t making it simple for anyone to do so enjoy it while it lasts