Game Adder Games?

just curious if the game added is constantly updated or does it only have out dated games,thanks!

looking to renew if updated.

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I know it has been updated in the past but unsure of when it was last updated.

In case you don’t know, the game adder only adds the GPD of the game so it appears you played it and can unlock achievements for it, it doesn’t let you play the game itself.

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yeah im aware just wanted to add some more recent games from 2015 that i never played to my offline profile for Gamerscore modding

Well Uzi just answered your question…

Not really… He was unsure. Maybe @Frank knows?

The game adder is occasionally updated with new games. Seeing as there isn’t anything about it in recent change logs I’m going to say it probably hasn’t been updated since early 2015 or possibly 2014. I will check with Frank and see if he can give me a more accurate date.

The game adder has to be updated with all the games released in 2015 and some in 2014. I’ll post in this thread when there’s an update.