Game Bundle(s)[Giveaway]

the winner will be able to choose from 2 bundles or both as a prize

option 1: star wars humble bundle tier 1
option 2: bandai namco humble bundle tier 1
option 3: both humble bundles tier 1

rules are simple:

  1. 1 post per person (please)
  2. Post your best wallpaper (only appropriate ones)

Giveaway ends Sunday February 12th at 12pm noon EST/ 9am PST/ 6pm CET


Don’t want to enter due to the fact that I bought the Bandai Namco one and own most the starwars ones but,
Thanks for doing the Giveaway.

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So I’m not entering the giveaway but since I figured I could share some wallpapers here since I guess you want some. So my few of my liked ones are these.

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I have already catched them all so i dont enter either.

But came here to post the wallpaper. I dont know why but i fell in love with this one, its simple, beautiful and just damn relaxing vibe.
Im never been too into using a wallpaper before, but this one is pretty neutral.
Think thats why i like it so much!

I guess some of you may have seen it before, yes its from @Nick`s collection!
Go and give him a like for this masterpiece, maybe also see the Infinity background.

Click on this to get there Nick’s Wallpaper Topic


(not an entry)

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this is a bit late but,
Congrats to @SteveWonda for winning the giveaway


Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Closed by request.