Game cannot be found or is already running?

Infinity plays my Dying Light and The Wither 3 without any problem and I can do the cheats just fine but, when I try to play GTA V it will not work. It says Cannot find game or is already running. I start the game in infinity but, the cheats do not work. I go back out with alt-tab and try to hit play game and I get that prompt I just said above. I am confused. All the games are on steam too!! HELP?

Try running the game yourself then attach infinity?

How do I attach?? I start the game in steam and I did it without steam, and both times I alt-tab to go back out to get into infinity and when I open it up to GTA V cheats and it only says play in the upper right hand corner. I hit play and that is what is says and that is the prompt I get (above in the screen shot) Not right away but, it looks like the game is trying to load again??

Click Play

That is what happens when I do loll

My other games work fine so it can’t be a firewall/antiv issue

Ah okay. No idea then, @unknown_v2

Okay, Thanks