Game launches then crashes during loading screen

I’ve read through the forum a fair bit so apologies if i’ve missed this somewhere.
I was playing metro last light and everything was working. went to enable a cheat and the game crashed, no big deal, restarted everything and now the game crashes during the loading screen everytime.
It’ll launch on it’s own without infinity, but the trainer crashes the game on load up, or if i start it after the game is loaded up then the game crashes anyway. Infinity tells me that it cant load the cheat into the game. that’s it
I’ve run the cache wipe, infinity is on the AV whitelist, i tried disabling the AV and firewall. I’ve restarted a ton of times, i’ve uninstalled infinity and reinstalled.
I’m out of ideas so any help would be appreciated.

Yeah something with recent infinity update is causing this. I’ve no idea why @frank

but the update came out a couple of weeks ago did it not? Everythings been working fine for me until last night when it crashed and now won’t load the game.
It’s just last light, my other games i’ve tested are working fine