Game not found

Airborne Kingdom is currently not found by wemod app, it is the copy I have is from Epic games I unsure as if I need to wait for it to be found or if it is part of the queue setup you have. just couldn’t found a post/topic for this otherwise I would have posted there.

Hello. :slight_smile:

If a game is not in the WeMod library (such as this one, see: WeMod - Search Supported Games), then it means not enough WeMod members have the game for it to be recognised as being popular enough for a trainer.

WeMod automatically detects how many members have each game from each store. If it is enough, it will end up in WeMod’s library. And potentially have a trainer made for it (again, if it is popular enough).

@Chris may be able to add the game to WeMod’s library manually. But that still doesn’t guarantee it’ll be popular enough with WeModders to have a trainer made. You could try to encourage fans of this game to join WeMod to get the numbers up. :slight_smile:

Thank you, just wanted to make sure there wasn’t an issue.