Game of The Year 2014: You Decide!

The end of this year is coming to close in a few short weeks and we have seen some great and not-so-great games released. It’s also been the first year anniversary for next-generation consoles too. It’s certainly been an interesting year of releases and a very active one!

This thread has been created for you to express your views and opinions about this year’s release of games and I invite to share them in a post below and to explain why you made your decision.

Cast your vote using the poll above to display what YOU think should be Game of The Year 2014!

I chose other because I think DayZ deserves it. Although it’s still in the alpha stage and has many, many bugs, once it goes into later stages, I think it will come out well. The game has a ton of potential but the bugs need to be fixed. They also need way better optimization.

EDIT: Just realized DayZ wasn’t made in 2014 either, lol. Well, it’s still being updated a lot, so DayZ still gets my vote. Probably Advanced Warfare for a true 2014 game then.

It’s not made in 2014 but I still think it wins

Fallout 3 > all

Except DayZ has been in alpha for many years, and typically GOTY would cover games that came out that year.

Went with Dragon Age, but Sunset Overdrive is a good second.
Haven’t played Far Cry 4 (want to) and Destiny is just a joke.

I look forward to its console release, I just hope it’s not too ‘watered-down’!

I don’t think DayZ would be actually eligible.

Meh, DayZ is still updated frequently, but I did realize that it came out in 2013 so I edited my post.
I’d probably choose Advanced Warfare or Far Cry 4 since I have both games and enjoy them equally.
I played the Destiny “Demo” and thought it sucked.

The Last of Us: Remastered. Better version of a game that is absolutely amazing and has already won a tonne of game of the year awards.

Cheat answer lol.

I love MCC and Destiny, but MCC had a terrible release and well Destiny has it’s flaws. But I went with Destiny because it’s new and very addictive. As of right now I’m burnt out on it though.

Bethesda please, we want Fallout 4…

My First Choice - Halo: Master Chief Collection
…but we all know that game has been having problems since launch.

My Second Choice - Destiny
…but we’ve all played that game and realize that the content isn’t what it could have been.

My Final Choice - Other (Dark Souls II)
…I haven’t played the game myself, but I’ve seen many hours of gameplay from my brother and friend play. Within the gameplay one can easily see that the game deserves an award and with what would be running for Game of the Year I don’t think it’d be hard for Dark Souls II to win!

Halo is the best, soo…