Game on Demand Support Thread (Profiles, DLC, Games, ect.)

This is a support thread for anyone having problems with the Non-JTAG Free Games on Demand and DLC

Here is a link to putting Games on Demand onto your HDD:

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How to Sign into Banned Accounts:

Method 1:

[details=Open Me][size=20]Stay at the main area of the dashboard where you can play the game in the disc tray

Make sure you are signed out of all accounts

Now sign into the banned account and look at the top right of the screen where your gamer picture would be

As soon as it pops up hit the guide button (the X in the middle)

You should be signed in and you can now go start up the game

Follow the Account Trouble Shooting Section next.[/size][/details]

Method 2 (this works best in my opinion) :

[details=Open Me][size=20]First sign into the profile that you need to use to sign into the account that the Game on Demand is provided for.

Next let it say that it is banned.

Go to the guide menu and connect to live.

Count how many seconds it takes for it to be banned from when the circle starts to spin to the ban showing up.

Now connect to live again and once you see the circle start spinning count however many seconds you did from the last step and on that last second hit the guide button.

If you are signed of the account you did it too early and need to wait 1 extra second

If you see the ban come up you did it too late and need to do it 1 second earlier.[/size][/details]

[u][/u]Payment Suspended Account:[b][/b]

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This one is very easy. If you get an error saying that the account is suspended because of payment issues just choose Update Profile and then when it shows a new screen just press the guide button and youre done. This is much easier than banned accounts

New Method After Upcoming Patch:

Open Me

I have found a new method similar to method number 2 above but different. This should work depending on how they patch the upcoming method but i will not release it until they do patch it and when/ if i do release it will be in diamond section and only for this site

Account Trouble Shooting:

If you are getting an error like having to sign into the account it was purchased on click the spoiler below:

[size=20][details=Open Me]Once it asks for you to sign into the account or go to dashboard choose sign in then press Y and create an account.

You will then see either the storage device or the ability to name the account hit the Xbox guide button.

Now sign out of the modded profile and into yours and you should be good to play the GoD[/details][/size]

[i][u][/i][/u]DLC Support:[i][b][/i][/b]

How to use DLC that requires 2 Controllers:

[size=20][details=Open Me]If you wish to play DLC but you have to sign back into the profile with a second controller do this.

Ok first you’ll need to have the game launched and signed into your account with controller number 1

Next use controller number 2 and sign into the banned account and as it is signing in count how many seconds it takes to show that it is banned (usually about 10-13 seconds. should be longer then method number 2 in signing into the profiles to launch the game)

Once you figure out how many seconds sign out of the modded account and then sign back in

Count how the seconds you just figured out while its signing in and when you say the second before the last one you counted in your head or whatever hit the guide button.

You should be signed into live with both accounts.

If you are signed out of both accounts you did it too early and need to wait 1 extra second. Note: If you do get signed out you will also be signed out of the first controller so make sure you sign in with that again first

If you see the connection error and asks for you to test your connection you did it too late and need to do it 1 second earlier[/details][/size]

DLC that Requires 1 Controller:

[details=Open Me][size=20]Most DLC like Battlefield Bad Company only requires 1 controller.

First do everything from the banned accounts and the account trouble shooting.

Now instead of signing into your account stay signed into the modded account.

You will need to be connected to live for it to work so follow Method 2 in the banned account section of this forum to log into live.

Next go past the start menu with the banned account and if you’re playing something like Battlefield Bad Company 2 then see if you can see Vietnam as one of the game types.

If so then you are done and you can sign into your account.

Other games require you to go further like all the way to multiplayer section or to where ever you want to go.

You may even have to start the game on the modded account and then once you can play log out and back into yours.

If none of this works then that game must have 2 controllers for it to work with DLC[/size][/details]

If you have any other problems with Games on Demand please post on this thread and I’ll see what i can do to help you out

I do this all the time, I thought when they said the banned profile methods were patched, I thought they meant this too.

no just the Y method but that was pretty much the main way

Where you say this:

do you mean hit the xbox guide button?

yeah. if you read it without that thing with the parenthesis its says guide button :smiley:

ill fix that to make it a little more understandable (just move it after button lol)

it still says sign in to the acc that purchased it!what do i do after it starts?

Press sign in then press Y to create a new profile then it should ask you where to save it, and just press the Guide button and it should work :smiley:DDD

yayayay it worked

glad to see you finally found a way to get it working :smiley:

im having trouble with the cod4 account as soon as i sign in it automatically signs out ive tried both methods and neither of them work D:

are you using the one from my thread? because that account shouldnt be banned

also are pressing the guide button too early if you are signing out

try using the DLC method at the dashboard and instead of it showing its banned count how many seconds before the circles start to lag and use that amount of seconds then hit the guide button

its not banned and what do you mean

also are pressing the guide button too early if you are signing out

Still need help @_@

if it isnt banned sign into the account at the game library and launch the game as soon as you sign in

just added a better way to play DLC with 2 controllers if needed

no when i try to download it keeps kicking me offline i cant get past 1%

Did it first try, thanks!


Thats why all of the profiles are banned because people are downloading it off the xbox

if you want the game you MUST download off the topic

i had to try this for 10 minutes but it worked! thanks

updated this thread from a profile sign in tutorial to a full Game on Demand Support thread

mods if you could please move this to xbox 360 Support that would be great. thank you

anyone got family game night and pinball fx2 and death blocks