Gamer pic pack creator bug

hi guys, most of the games in the Gamer pic pack creator dont even load anything. not gonna post the ones i have looked up because i been looking for hours. some do load but lots dont. could someone update the list or check the links please.

thank you all at Horizon and of course everyone else that has helped i love your mods

How long have you waited for them to be found? Sometimes it can take a while, as in many hours. A few times I left Horizon open overnight and the next morning it had found them. Maybe try that with the stubborn ones.

I know it can take a while to load some of the images, if you miss spell the game name it will try and search forever and load nothing.

Depends on what kind of game pics i searched the Naruto pack and it took a while i just started the search then opened horizon back up after i got home from school. Other than that check your connection or find the pack from website like or other sites that offer downloads but make sure they are not fake.

i have waited 15 20 min so not long but why would they make it to where the loading takes hours thats crazy.