Gamer Pic Pack Creator

So, I recently got all the MLG gamerpics through the Horizon Gamer Pic Pack Creator. When I tried to save it on my profile on my USB, it was showing the Console ID as 00000000000000000 but it was showing my profile ID correctly.

For using gamerpics from Horizon’s Gamer Pic Pack Creator, do we have to put the gamerpic through Horizon itself or can we just login to Xbox on that profile and Edit Profile to put the gamerpic through the console itself? and can it get me banned since the Gamer Pic Pack doesn’t have a Console ID when I checked on Horizon.

P.S. The tool is pretty awesome, by the way.

Should work. Just make sure to have the storage device connected :wink:

And also, can you get those gamerpics for free which require to be bought by real money on your Xbox Live account through the Gamer Picture Adder?