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im gonna bump this for 2 reasons.

  1. i wanted the naruto gamer pics which i thought would unlock by playing the rise of a ninja game and so far i havent seen anything which is leading me to believe they had to be purchased not earned. and that games marketplace content is no longer available.

  2. i have been having the same problem, it happens when i search any type of game and then click on it. automatically it give me WOLFENSTIEN and i think THE OUTFIT and then in the search it says D=SEARCH

Same thing here. Help?

I just hit Cheater up with an AIM.

On the other note, it is doing the same thing that the Title ID Finder did.
Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Yea I don’t know why this has been happening.

OK, I found a solution. I searched all over google I used this tutorial for some reason the pictures wont show up when i put in the titles but it works when I input the Game ID’s. Here’s another link for the game ID’s.

Kingla’s XBOX 360 HDD Folder List

Let me know how it goes. :thumbsup:

saw this aswell

it is doing the same thing that the Title ID Finder did.

This is happening to me too.

as some of you will know when you search for a gamer pic in horizon you get this D=SEARCH im going to show you how to fix this by getting the games title ID.

step 1.go to Xbox 360 - Official Site -
step 2. search for a game im going to use minecraft
step 3. in the address bar it should look something like this :Minecraft -
step 4. where it says d802584111f7 after the number 2 copy the rest of the numbers so it should look like this 584111f7.
step 5. open up horizon go to gamer pic creator and paste the numbers in where it says title then hit get gamer pictures and there you go you can get gamer pics it takes a lil while to get the mc pics

any problems msg me or post a reply or if you want a games ID msg me

Same thing is happening to me. This is quite annoying. Wonder when the Devs will fix this?

Already fixed. Not sure which update it’s coming in though or when.

If it is fixed they need to update, i am trying to put a new Gamerpic on >.<

Didn’t someone say you can input title id’s and they’ll show? Just do that for now.

Well now i fell dumb >.>

Doesn’t really work to be honest. Seems only some pictures are loading up or won’t load up period.

I also seem to have this issue. I’ll try putting in ID’s of the game’s instead and I’ll come back with results

EDIT: Putting in ID’s work’s but hopefully they fix the auto method! :smile:

when i login it says not responding

Don’t bump old threads and your post isn’t even on topic. Please create a new thread in the horizon support section with your issue.