Gamer pictures not appearing!

Okay so I have Horizon of course and I only really use it for the free gamerpics. But for some reason, when I search up a game, the gamerpics don’t appear at all. And these are games that DO have gamerpics on the xbox 360 marketplace. They just don’t appear on Horizon for some reason. Only a few games I typed in provided gamerpics on Horizon but majority of games I typed in had no gamerpics appear at all! Does anyone know why this is? :cry:

Try searching the titleid of the game/pack instead.

Example - Konsole Kingz, TitleID - 4B4B07D1

TitleIDs can be found using Horizons Title ID Finder in the tools tab.

Thanx! I didn’t know what that was. I think it helped! :thumbsup: