Gamer Profile - no Content

Hi guys.

Does anyone knows why horizon does not show any Gamer Profile?
I gotta this trouble… When i click on Gamer Profile it s showing the message " no Content"

Is your profile on your USB drive?

i guess so, but how can i certaing that?
i just can see my saved games on horizon

sorry, i am new with horizon…
if ts not on my USB driver, how can i put it in?

Your gamer profile and saved game data are 2 different things. The only way to view or edit one in Horizon is to move it to your USB drive on your 360 and then put the USB drive in your PC and open Horizon. Try that and let us know how you make out.

thanks steveWonda, I will try it later.

Ok. Remember not every game has a save editor in Horizon, but you can still view any save and extract certain files you need to edit with other stand alone save editors.

I’m having trouble with my Horizon failed to load profiles from my USB.
I’ve never had this happen to me before and now I am. What can be done to fix it?
I have tried to uninstall it then re-installing it an see if it helps and also tried to restart my laptop but nothing is working.