Gamer Profiles

I am brand new and had issues getting my saved games working for many hours and discovered that I needed a profile for them to inject them into.

I found out that most of the profiles on my hard drives are not being shown and I don’t know why? The only profile that was visible in horizon was a freshly made profile on an xbox 360 that was not updated. Any ideas?

When that happens with profiles you usually need to delete them and then download them from Xbox Live if they were Xbox Live profiles.

Another thing you can do is take a saved game from one of those profiles, open it in Horizon and copy the profile ID and paste it over to the save you want to use with that profile and use Save Rehash & Resign to make it stick. Then move it back to the 360 with that profile and it should be good.

I don’t use Horizon much in past few years but I’m pretty sure you can save the profile ID in there to make the process quicker. If not, just make a text doc with all your profile IDs for easy copy & paste to the saves.

Yeah I cannot access any profile not just the xbox live profile on an updated xbox 360. I have to move it over with the USB stick since it cannot see any of the profiles. I think I cannot copy anything even if it’s rehashed and resigned unless it’s it’s injected into a profile? The only profiles I can access are a factory default profile xbox 360 dashboard. I will try to rehash and resign just the files without attempting to inject it into a profile but I have my doubts.

If you’re connecting an actual hard drive to your PC then you need to run Horizon as administrator.

Copying and pasting the profile ID from one save to another will work just fine. I’ve done it 100s of times with downloaded saves.

When I was making suggestions earlier I had literally just woken up so I was a bit out of it. Sorry.

Do you mean that the profiles aren’t showing up on your 360 or on Horizon?

Before this site was WeMod is was pretty much strictly Xbox 360. If you search the Horizon support topics or search certain key words there are tons of topics about getting everything set up and working properly. Let us know how you make out and I’ll try to help more if you still have issues.

But keep in mind that ANY game save can be resigned to a different profile and work properly. Well as long as it isn’t corrupt or for PC or a different like PS3 etc…

I think I figured out what is going on. I never docked my profiles from the updated xbox 360 and did manage to find out how to move it to the xbox 360 accounts. It took some work.