Gamers have emo girlfriends?

I have notice a lot of gamers end up having emo looking girls. I am not trying to say they are just that they look like it. I really don’t understand why but a major amount of gamers do have a emo looking girlfriends. I have to say I don’t care really, I mean most of them are smoking hot. But I am really confused how a lot of the gamers have emo girlfriends. Can someone please explain why this is true?

cause most of them like gaming too? perhaps xD

I think most are seen not emo.

Damn I really did not think of that

Idk what you are talking about but me and my friends avoid t3h emos. Not that I care a whole lot about her looks. As long as she doesn’t look like something I’d find in my room, I’m K with her. After that all she needs is a g00d personality.

I look at them not as emos but just have a style like one.

Prob just your zone: Emo. That’s a new one :smiley:

Funny, but no a lot of my friends have a emo looking girlfriend. I am fine with it, but that just caught my eye.

Because real girls won’t go out with them?

I would never go out with a damn emo, They scare the caca outta me :X

It’s scene and I’ve never noticed that, my girlfriends not emo and none of my friends’ girlfriends are. Only guys I’ve seen with emo girlfriends are creeps and what high school has dubbed as “stairdwellers” because they hangout under the stairs during lunch and **** lol but it’s ok I’m graduated now :smile:

Well do you mean Emo or Scene? They are very similar.

Mines not emo :anguished: but she likes gaming. :3

lol, is she Gothic?


What the hell is a scene?

Google it.

WTF those are some crazy ass hairs. Why would you like hair like that?!?!?

because you’re scene and want attention.

Why’re you such a stereotyping turd?

Same here, she’s not emo, but she has spent well over an hour driving on Test Drive 2.