Gamertag change via Horizon or other

Is there any way I can change my gamertag on horizon or any other program for free , and then play on Xbox Live ? If yes , please tell me the name of program to use , or tutorial , If you have one! Thanks!


Horizon is a tool for modding gamesaves, occasional gamerscore, avatar color, ect.

Unfortunately, to my knowledge, modding anything else that is server side(like Xbox Live membership/Gamertag) is impossible on any program, even Horizon.


Sorry No

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No. You can only change the gamertag for offline accounts; if you want to change the gamertag of your Xbox LIVE account, you’ll have to pay for it.


You can not do this as they keep your Gamertag in the Xbox Servers, to simplify it.

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They should make a setting for gta v online to up rank without having to use a mod menu

Why do you respond to a 5 year old thread? And somebody already told you in a Thread YOU made that online cheats are not supported by wemod.

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